Many aspects of the global regulated financial system remain almost unchanged by the internet.  There are various reasons why it has resisted change for so long.  In many cases, the stagnation is the result of the traditional regulated financial companies failing to innovate.  Often the regulated nature of these businesses have discouraged or thwarted innovators from making changes from without.  In any case, a large number of entrenched companies continue to make the financial system slower, more exposed to unnecessary risks, and needlessly expensive.

After a long pause, disruptive technologies are set to dramatically change the world of regulated financials.  The preponderance of social media has accustomed businesses to the advantages of connecting with their customers digitally, and consumers to the flexibility and convenience.  Not only are both groups comfortable using technology, they have come to expect its benefits.  At the same time, emerging technologies suddenly make certain transformations viable.

Celeridem believes that in some cases, the benefits from these changes will accrue to established regulated financial companies.  There are various technology companies that will generate tremendous value as they power the industry’s change.  In other cases, the benefits will accrue to de novo regulated financial companies that use the technology to gain outsized market share with improved margins. 

Celeridem principals’ extensive experience as investors, advisors, and directors of regulated financials provide them with a unique perspective.  We understand the challenges and nuances of these regulated businesses and can evaluate the best way to engage with them to catalyze change.  We also have an extensive network we can use to drive business and corporate development for the companies we partner with.